Zion Labradorite M&B Lion Bracelet


Handmade, Labradorite bead bracelet with gold plated Lion head charm.


According to an Eskimo legend, the Northern Lights were once imprisoned in the rocks along the Labrador coast, until one day an Eskimo warrior found them and freed most of the lights with a blow from his spear. Not all the lights could be freed from the stone however and for that reason we have today what is known as labradorite. The name Labradorite comes from the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, which is a famous locality for the stone.

HEALING PROPERTIES:                

The flash, known as labradorescence, are the colors changing according to the angle of light refraction. It may be blue, green, yellow, and pink. Like a flash of light in the darkness, Labradorite attracts positive energy to reveal your destiny. The Lion Head serves as a symbolic message of balance, strength and sound judgment.

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